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‘Half of a good tan is within the prep!’

Preparing for Your Spray Tan




The Ultimate Spray Tan Step By Step guide

When to book your appointment

We always recommend booking your spray tan 48 hours before your planned event (wedding, hen do, festival). This allows for the tan to fully develop and settle. We recommend you have two showers prior to your planned event to reduce any risk of transfer to your clothes.

Holiday tans are different. We recommend booking your spray tan as close as you can to your departure. This will ensure you will be glowing the whole time you are away.

Please always let us know of any known allergies you may have ahead of booking.

Day Before

Day Before

Wax at least 48 hours before and shave 24 hours before

You want your pores to have time to be fully closed before receiving your spray tan. When shaving make sure you have a razor that does not have a moisturising strip.
Day Before

Have all beauty treatments completed

We always advise the spray tan being the last thing on your list of beauty treatments. Some treatments can create barriers to the skin. If getting lashes done, it might be worth considering how long you have to wait until you can get them damp. For best results allow 48 hours between your last beauty treatment and your spray tan..
Day Before

Exfoliate your entire body with a mitten

Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells this will make the tan settle better and last longer.
We do not recommend you use an exfoliating scrub ahead of your spray tan as a lot of products are oil-based and may leave a residue and create a barrier.
Day Before

Please do not use bar soap or cream-based body washes

They are known to leave a residue which can create a barrier. Use a gel like body wash instead.

Day Of Your Spray Tan

Day Of Your Spray Tan

Shower in the morning

Unless your spray tan appointment is in the morning, avoid showing all together on your tanning day. Showering affects the PH of your skin and it needs time to settle. If you must shower within 4 hours of your appointment please rinse at the end with cold water to ensure pores are not open.
Day Of Your Spray Tan

Avoid some beauty products

Do not apply any deodorant, moisturiser/oil, makeup and/or perfume on the day of your tan. Nothing should be applied to the skin at all. These products may create a barrier and could potentially affect your spray tan.

We understand you might want to put makeup on during the day of your tan, if this can’t be avoided, you can use Micellar water/wipes to remove any products please avoid oily solutions/wipes.
Day Of Your Spray Tan

Have dark loose-fitted clothing ready and some sandals or flip flops

Some of the bronzer may transfer on to the clothes. Please do not worry the solution is water soluble and it will come out in the wash.

During Your Development (2-12 hours)

During Your Development

Avoid moisture until initial rinse 

This includes no workouts, hoovering or anything that might get you a little hot and sweaty, particularly during those hotter months. Do not put any kind of lotions on your skin including liquid foundations, serums, etc. Do not let you pet lick you either…trust us it happens!

If for any reason you have accidentally had your pet lick you, you can take a big fluffy makeup brush and in circular motions buff it out. If you have any self-tanner you can use a tiny bit on the brush. It may not look perfect during development, after the first rinsed it should even out. Fortunately, once the tan hits the skin, it has already started developing so it should be okay.
During Your Development

Do not touch your body

You do not want tan on your palms or fingers.Equally, you don’t want finger marks on your tan.
During Your Development

Standard tans

Must be rinsed after 8-12 hours – Use lukewarm water then pat dry with a towel (do not rub). You will start to see your colour develop but please do not moisturise for another 12 hours after the initial rinse Any product applied during this time may affect the result.
During Your Development

Express tans

Between 1-4 hours – Use lukewarm water then pat dry with a towel (do not rub). You will feel like you have rinsed your tan down the drain as the tan won’t have had time to develop, this is totally normal. You will carry on developing even after your initial rinse so please don’t panic. It is all part of the process.

Please do not moisturise for another 24 hours after the initial rinse. Any product applied during this time may affect the result.

So we know this sounds odd, but we must tell you, if you urinate during your rinse it may cause streaking due to the ammonia.

If you feel streaky after your rinse please step back in the shower and ensure you have rinsed off the guide bronzer fully as this will cause streaking.

24 Hours After Your Spray Tan

24 Hours After Your Spray Tan

Moisturise, moisturise and then moisturise day and night.

The more hydrated the skin is the longer the tan will last. It’s really not a myth, it’s true. It is best to moisturise with a specific lotion that is for sunless tan. We recommend St tropez Prep & maintain or Bondi Sands Body Moisturiser. If you prefer to use your own moisturiser please check that it is a water based moisturiser and it is free of artificial fragrances and mineral oils.
24 Hours After Your Spray Tan

How to maintain your spray tan

You may use a tan extending product such as St Tropez Gradual Tan lotion after 3 days of having your spray tan to increase the longevity of your tan.

Avoid using a flannel or an exfoliating loofah as this will decrease the longevity of your tan. It is best to wash with your hands only in areas where needed to ensure a longer lasting tan.

Avoid swimming, long hot showers/baths, saunas, hot tubs and excessive sweating as this will cause quicker fade.

Staying hydrated will not just make you feel better it will also help with the longevity of your tan. Hydrated body means hydrated skin which equals long lasting tan.

When you are ready to say “Good Bye” you can start exfoliating.
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